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Bomb Projects is led by Dee deLara, the current creative and marketing talent behind successful brands, including Line 204, Zio Studio Services and PowerTrip Rentals. For twelve years, Dee was head of Marketing and Creative at both Quixote Studios and Smashbox Studios, shaping her understanding and experience in the production world. 
"Dee's out-of-the-box creative thinking is tempered by a sense of business acumen. This comes from her background of running her own businesses as well as taking leadership roles in entrepreneurial companies that necessitate wearing more than one hat at a time. There is no prima-donna in Dee. Her greatest asset is her no-nonsense approach to getting sh•t done and having a good time doing it." says Enzo Cesario, Creative Director. 
So whether you've got a brand that needs building, a website redesign that's long overdue, or an advertising budget without a campaign, Bomb Projects is your strategic partner for all of the above. 
We will do the heavy lifting. We will collaborate and adapt to your working style. And we promise to have some fun along the way. Bomb Projects creates explosive projects. 

Logo Design - Website Design - Content Creation - Branding - Lead Generation - Advertising Campaigns & Initiatives - Marketing - Creative Direction

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